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Move Mountains

A personalized, gentle and respectful approach to teaching your child (at any age or stage!) to sleep through the night.
At Rachel Gilbert Sleep Consulting I believe that children of all ages and abilities deserve a restful and restorative night's sleep (and their parents too!) Let me guide and support you on your family's journey to better sleep.  


The 5 steps to getting your baby sleeping through the night!

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Meet Your Sleep Consultant

Oh hey- I'm Rachel!

Former Special Education teacher, mama and now certified pediatric sleep consultant passionate about teaching other families how to get the sleep they need without the struggle.

As a new mom, baby sleep was completely foreign to me. After months of sleepless nights and exhaustive internet searches we were finally able to solve my little girl's sleep problems and get the sleep we all needed.

As a sleep consultant, I recognize that not all babies are the same (obviously!) So why would a one-size-fits-all plan found on the internet solve your precious babe's sleep struggles? This is where I come in. Together, we will design a plan to fit your family's needs and schedule that is both gentle and respectful to your babies personality and developmental needs.

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Personalized support for

every age

Sleeping Baby
Happy Baby
Child in Air Yoga
Children Jumping on Trampoline

every stage



  • You've spent the past couple of weeks in newborn bliss, but no matter how gently you set that precious sleeping babe down they wake up crying after just a couple of minutes. Any hope you had for several minutes of time to shower, eat or even getting some sleep of your own gone quicker than you can blink.

  • Your baby has slept ok up to now, but all of a sudden is waking up 5, 6, 7+ times a night and the sleep deprivation you are feeling is REAL.

  • You thought your baby would start sleeping through the night when they hit 6 months, then 12 months, then 18 months but they are nearing toddlerhood and STILL not sleeping well.

  • You've moved your toddler out of their crib to a big boy/girl bed, and now they are up multiple times a night

  • You've read several sleep books or blogs and are confused by the myriad of conflicting sleep information available


These, and many other struggles are so common during your baby's first couple of years BUT they don't have to be!

As a Sleep Consultant, my job is to work with you to understand your baby's sleep, identify the issues behind their sleep struggles, and implement a completely customized step-by-step plan to getting your child sleeping through the night.


The best part? This individualized plan will reflect your family's unique circumstances, needs and desires. All children are different-so let's create a plan that works for


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"Before this program I was one stressed out twin parent with my hands always full. It was hard to even get one good nap in and if we did it was in my arms. I never felt like I could get anything else done because they wouldn’t sleep anywhere comfortably. Feedings took longer. My boys were more on the cranky side and I didn’t know why. They also depended on their night feeding. I was concerned they weren’t getting the sleep they needed and I felt completely burnt out with no time to myself. Since this program the boys take three 1-2 hour naps and I can put them in their crib AWAKE. I have time for myself and my house duties. Also they sleep through the night and are in bed by 8! An absolute miracle! Rachel is very knowledgeable, kind, and friendly. And thanks to her this mama is a happy mama:)"
Twin mama to Caleb and Sammy




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